Why Did I Stop Eating Meat? – English Version

Before starting this post, I want to say that I don’t want to influence or offend anyone. I just want to talk about the reasons that led me to make the decision.

I recently started a very radical change in my life! For some time I felt awful for saying that I love animals when in fact I encouraged and paid for the death of a large number of them. However, I did not live alone, which did not give me a great margin of decision-making power. Also I didn’t had enough information to change, in such a radical way, something that i’ve been doing all my life, eating meat. In October, last year, when I came to live in England, I became aware of other types of food, aliments, and even food lifestyles. Then I decided to start informing myself. Since what motivated me most to stop eating meat was animal suffering, I started by making a research about the process that the animal go through until it reaches our supermarket shelves. But I have come to the conclusion that this subject goes much deeper than that. I have seen documentaries, physician-certified information, experiences, true cases, and witnessed reports shared by those who worked in animal production factories. I looked for information from both sides: people who eats meat and who does not eat. And than I realised that I don’t want to eat death anymore.

We are so accustomed to this reality that when we buy meat we don’t even think about what’s behind those packages. In fact, we don’t have to kill them, we just have to pay and cook. We repeat it for days and years. We born with “corpses” included in our daily diet, it is perfectly normal, isn’t it? Well, it does not sound so good anymore when we replace “ chicken breasts “ for ” corpse”, but that is the reality.

I will not analyse and explain my motivations to the bottom. I only want to highlight some important points because I think we can only understand how important this is when we look out to find out more about it!

It is truly unjust and inhuman to order the death of millions animals every day so that we can satisfy our food cravings. I do we keep doing that when there are many other food options, also tasty and with all the protein and vitamins that our body needs? Also, se like the taste of tempered meat, we don’t like to eat pure meat.

In production lines, animals are treated as “things.” In the case of chickens, these born and are raised in artificial incubators, where they never breathe fresh air. Closed in sheds, thousands of chickens live together.


Like a small bus with thousands of students in there. But the difference is the chickens are not going to a party. The small space that they live in, causes body transformations, diseases, infections and other diseases that are transmitted from one to the other. With little or zero visibility to the outside, these animals live in these conditions until they stop being able to put eggs, which is they’re only function. When this happen, they are lead to other parts of the production line. If their body does not present any deformations these are killed, plucked and sent to be packed and then, they end up on our supermarket shelves. If the body has too many sequels these are ground and used to make sausages, nuggets, food for other production animals, etc.

Contrary to what the publicity shows us, the animals do not run happily through in the grass, until the time of their death. For that to happen companies would lose time and consequently money. And in a world where more and more is produced, that would be unthinkable! Production cannot stop. In the video “Milk Horror Story”, available on youtube, Portuguese version, we can see the consequences of this abusive production that ends up in our stomach. What also ends up in our stomach is the toxins that are released from the animal’s body, when they realise what if about to happen to them. When they feel a bunch of feeling all at once, afraid, angry, death, we can’t even imagine.

Since we are children, everyone taught us how to save water, how to do recycling, to don’t throw trash in to the ground, to use more public transports or bicycles to save the environment; but no one ever taught us that animal production is killing the planet 3 times more than anything I mentioned before. This subject is so relevant in environmental terms that even if we all stopped using our cars, in the world, the planet would continue to decay. It’s a very interesting subject and everyone should be aware, for this, so I advise one of the most touching documentaries I’ve ever seen, “Cowspiracy”, available on youtube.


For each kg of meat 3000 liters of water is spent, for an entire wheat planting, for example, we only need 150 liters. Multiplying this by the millions of pounds of meat that are produced everyday, during millions of years, all over the world … Can you see the proportions of this, right? And why do we continue eating meat if isn’t good for human race? We can also extract protein from other products that do not hurt anyone and do not pollute nothing compared to the animal production?

This is a very personal topic, if you felt touched by this subject and feel a desire to change something, research, inform yourself and give it a try. At least you know you tried. See with your own eyes what companies don’t want us to see, for some reason.

I don’t want this text to be too long, so I summarised my motivations. I still had a lot to talk about, I can make a second publication about this, what do you think?

I hope I have been able to give you some lights on this subject in a clear and correct way. If you could give your feedback, doubts or even conclusions, you totally can! I appreciate it!

Thank you for being on this side!


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