Differences Between Vegan and Vegetarian

“Vegetarianism” and “Vegan” are very similar terms, which often causes them to be taken as equals, only “people who don’t eat meat.” Which is true, but it is much more than that!

They are two distinct identities because of their motivations, principles and values.

Veganism is something more restricted, connected directly with the personality of the person. It is even considered a lifestyle. Unlike Vegetarianism, which is an eating option, Veganism covers the whole life. People who live this lifestyle not only choose to take meat out of their meals but also everything that is connected to animal use and / or exploitation. This implies: eat them, visit places where these are seen as a tourist attraction, clothing, cosmetics and even cleaning and home products.

In short, anything that involves animal use is banished from Vegans life.

Restricted Vegetarianism is a diet where they choose to exclude meat and everything that has something animal in it, from their meals. But there are a few sub categories, the most common are: Ovolactovegetarians, who don’t eat meat and fish but consume eggs and dairy products. Lactovegetarians, also don’t consume meat, fish and eggs but include milk in their meals.

Apart from animal suffering, in the case of vegetarians, other reasons that lead people to change they’re eating habits are environmental, health, religious issues and even the economy. In Vegan’s case the most common reason goes through the animal suffering, that way they exclude everything that is animal use of their daily life.

This is just a resume of what are vegan and vegetarians, of course no one is obliged to follow this. Each one must choose the one that most identifies and do what they can, as long as they feel good about it, both mentally and physically!

I hope I have been clear in this short explanation! Wait for more topics on this subject and however, if you can, tell me if you liked it! Did you like the new platform? I think is much more interactive, if you want, you can follow because this month we will have Posts every Monday and Saturday! Also you can leave your comments directly here if you prefer!!

Many thanks for being here! Cheers

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