How to be productive in a long distance travel?

Going to university, working, being active in social media, be with friends and family, studying, taking time for ourselves, watching a movie, sleeping and of course we still need to have time to go to all of this places. And we all complain about the same thing: “I don’t have time for anything.” And it’s true, some extra hours would be ideal.

Many of us study / work away from home, which forces us to take public transport to get there. It is true that we can’t have more extra hours in a day but we can use the time that we have wile we travel to do some tasks or to be productive.

That’s exactly what I come here to talk about today!

1. Read a book

Reading is incredible, we get to know amazing stuff, improve our reading and even writing. And if you don’t like to read or if you don’t want to carry books I would advise you a much more fun alternative “audio books”. Instead of reading the books, we hear them. It’s great because it’s easier, faster and more practical and also the time goes faster! It is more expensive than paper books. Iphones comes with an application that already provides us the audio books, we just have to buy and download them.The same happens with the iTunes but with songs. It’s really worthy.

2. Do home work

I do this a lot and believe me that is one of the best things that you can do with this extra time. You can do the research part, power points, subject summaries, etc. Time flies and when you get back home you will have time to do other stuff!!

3. Watch videos

Well, you know when we’re at home and we think “I’m going to see just one more video” and when we look at the clock it’s 2 am and we realised that we saw about 50? True, but you can do this during the time you spent traveling! Time goes twice as fast and we always learn something!

4.Learn something new

This point is something we all have as New Year’s resolution and not all of us get it because we are too busy. This is a great time to learn something we didn’t know before. Research, see videos on the subject and you can add to the goals completed this year!

5. Solve puzzles

Those who know me well know that this is one of my favorite things! From time to time I appear with huge sketches on a sheet saying, “Look, anyone knows this? I’m thinking about this for hours and I haven’t found it yet. ” But what is true is that time passes incredibly fast and we develop skills that we didn’t even know we had! You can find thousands of these videos on youtube. “Find out if you’re a good detective” My God, if I earned a pound for every hour I spent in these videos I was writing this post in Paris!!

6. Creating Ideas

This point is the most challenging for me! Take a piece of paper and a pen and just create things: objects to help someone, imaginary “events” or just something funny. Whatever you remember write it down and make thousands of sketches. Who knows, in a few years it may be a success!

7. Organize your Agenda

Plan your week! Think of ways to organize your time, put everything in order, decide what, when and how you want to do it! One more way to be productive!!

8. Search for Travel prices

For those who love to travel this is ideal! If you want to enjoy cheap trips to amazing places you have to do research and check travel sites very often and this is a very good time to do it! In this extra time you have do research about the best prices and the best tourist attractions to see!! You can also make a list of dream destinations and what you want to see in these places!

9. Look for ways to save money

There’s always a way to save some money. Maybe your internet is too expensive or you just want to try new other services. Or maybe you want something really bad but is too expensive, go online, compare prices and see what type of offers you can get!

10. Remember Old Friends

And last but not least, old friends who have been forgot because of our “lack of time.” They are the best and sometimes we don’t even remember them because we are so busy! Invite them to drink that coffee that you asked 2 years ago but you never make it!! Or just text to see if is everything fine with them! Maybe you will bring back to your life someone who is very important, rather than sleeping on long journeys!

These were my 10 tips on how to enjoy your time on those huge daily trips that never seem to go by! Tell me what you do during that time and If you experience any of my tips tell me if they worked for you!

Thanks for being around! Cheers

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