The Truth Behind the Milk

In a world where the money comes first than honesty, we should all know what we consume. Even more when it comes to something that we eat. Food can cure diseases but it can also bring them. However, there are only a few people that actually get to know and make a research about what they consume.

First the milk or cereal? Today I come to demystify this question leaving in the air a third option: what comes first is the animal suffering. And that is exactly what I am going to tell you, the truth behind milk.

Cows are mammals and to give milk they have to be pregnant. However, it would not be productive and profitable for the dairy industry to wait for them to have sexual relations with an Ox. In order to speed up the process, making it more profitable, the industry pulls the semen from the male and with the wrist or artificial insemination machines inject the semen into the cow. Can you imagine how painful, uncomfortable, and inhuman this can be?

After artificial insemination or rape, the cow becomes pregnant for 9 months. 9 months in which it creates ties with her baby, feel him moving in her belly and start to feel a big love for him, after all, it is creating your child inside. Can anyone identify a similar case? Yes, our mothers.

When the baby is born, she cleans him, takes care of him, feeds him, made him feel comfortable and shares with him all the love she feels. Live this experience that is, for a mother, an incredible phenomenon and pure happiness. Oh no, my mistake, I was in another reality. In fact, as soon as these babies are born they are taken from the mother immediately. Due to the enormous bond that the mother established with the child as it developed in her womb when she was dragged and taken away from her lap, she cries for days or months. In research, I found a testimony of a gentleman who worked in this “area” that described exactly this moment, as painful as we can imagine. There are lots of videos online here you can see how painful this moment is for both, the cow and their baby

If the baby (calf) born male is beheaded and sent to the slaughterhouse, where after being skinned, quartered ends up on our plate to be accompanied by chips and ketchup.

If born female, the baby will perform the same functions as the mother. It’s going to be a milk machine. Abused, mistreated and people will taken advantage of her until she is no longer a good source of money.

As I told you earlier, the cow is raped, it goes through the painful and exhausting process of having a child and then feels the pain of losing her, and as production can’t stop, this awful process repeats itself for her all life. But, like any animal, she has feelings and a nervous system that made her only last 5 years, when in fact she should last from 20 to 25. Something wrong is not right here.

The abusive extraction of milk is made by machines that can not stop because of no production – no milk – no money, which is not at all healthy for these animals. Their breasts start to become swollen and consequently the mammary glands become infected. This infection is called “mastitis” and is common in several dairy cows that go through this process. They make the cow feel strengthless, without appetite, bad feeling, intense pain and really, really uncomfortable. One more similarity to the human race, many women who breastfeed already had mastitis and can witness how horrible the pain is. In this way, they choose not to breastfeed their children due to the pain and discomfort they feel. But, as I have already told you without production – no milk – no money, so the production of cow’s milk does not stop. Even with the pain, the milk continues to be extracted. This causes the animal’s breasts to become infected with blood and pus. Yes, pus, similar to what we have in the blisters.

The original colour of milk is not white as we can see in the final product, it is red – Blood. After the milk is extracted from the cow, the blood and pus are filtered so that it becomes white as we know. And yes, although everything is filtered there is always pus and blood remaining. It is even allowed by law a certain quantity of pus per ml of milk. For example, in Brazil, 400 thousand / ml of pus is allowed. And the limit of bacteria is 100 thousand / ml. Exactly, the milk we drink contains pus.

And what happens when the animal can not produce more milk?

When the cow gets exhausted she collapses and as the milk she produces is no longer profitable, she is killed to be sold as meat – stake. In short, she lives a miserable life, where she is physically and mentally abused and when she is no longer used for milk production, she is killed and sold as meat. Anything that can give money to the human race, at this point, is acceptable. They even invest up to millions in distorted advertising campaigns of reality so that a beautiful and friendly image of this process is transmitted. Although there is nothing nice or friendly about this abuse. There are suffering and money, lots of money.

If we do not drink rat’s milk, snake’s milk, mare’s milk … why do we drink cow’s milk? What’s the difference? If, at this age, we don’t even drink neither our species milk, why should we drink something that is for their own babies?

Are you allergic to lactose? No, you’re just drinking something that, by nature, is not for you. It is for the calves, the babies of the cows. They are animals but they also love, they also feel and there is never a nice way to take a child from a mother and to repeat it all her life. It’s not human, it’s not right.

There are lots of kinds of milk that serve as an alternative, from experience I recommend: soya milk, almond, flaxseed, etc. Fortunately, nowadays there are many alternatives to milk that have all the vitamins we need and that don’t hurt anyone.

Is all this suffering worthy for a glass of milk? Even for a being that is so familiar to us because it has so many similarities with the human race, in this case, the feminine being?

The question remains in the air.

There’s no reason why we should hurt them in such a cruel way. Be good, do good.

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