The Best Vegan Documentaries

Lately, I’ve been posting about vegetarian/vegan life. Also, I recently started a new chapter here on the blog called “From where this come from?” Where I tell you where and how the products we consume are produced, for example milk. Today I bring you 6 of my favourites documentaries about vegan life to help you figure it out if you want to be a Vegan/vegetarian person. I hope you like it!

  1. Cowspiracy

Since I saw this documentary I have been thinking about it, because it really got me into it. It talks about global sustainability, the effect that livestock farming and fishing has on the environment, how some of the world’s best known environmental organisations such as the green space, deals with this subject daily and what are they doing (or not) to stop it. This is the famous documentary that had Leonardo DiCaprio as one of the principal people involved in all the process. He also has a vegan life. If you want to know more about how meat is destroying the world’s environment this is the Documentary that you are looking for! Available on youtube and Netflix.

2. The Meat is Weak 

Personally, I love this one because it speaks about the three main reasons that lead someone to choose veganism: environment, health issues and animal rights. It tells us the amount of water and food exports that it is necessary to have to create an Ox and the emissions of harmful gases to the ozone layer so that we can understand at what level this affects the environment. After taking an environmental approach, it demonstrates the whole process by which the animal’s corpse passes until it reaches our table so we can see what we ate. It’s available on youtube if you want to have a look!

3. Earthlings 

“Earthlings” is the name of this great Documentary because in it they demonstrate that, although the Human being is rational, we are all part of the world, we are all earthlings and everyone have the right to have a life. It shows us in detail industries of production/animal use, from clothing, food, scientific experiments. They even compare animal abuse to sexism and racism in human life, which opens up new horizons and points of view that are very interesting. And to consolidate everything they report, they show us what they captured with hidden cameras. I think it’s a touching documentary and it certainly makes us think of something we would never have imagined before. Available on youtube

4. Forks over Knives

This is a Vegan documentary activist that, instead of talking about the animal itself, talks about the diseases that their corps brings to the human being. Referring to diabetes, heart attack, cholesterol and a host of other diseases that a meat menu in a restaurant can bring to each of us. Demonstrates real cases and analyzes this subject in detail. For those who still have doubts about whether or not the meat is good for our health, this documentary explains, analyzes and proves all related doubts. Available on Youtube

5. Live and Let Live

This documentary presents a different theme from the ones I mentioned earlier. Here we can see 6 realities of individuals who have decided to be vegan for various reasons: environmental, religious, food health, animal life, etc. During the documentary, while the German is getting the answers from the interviewees, the interviewer analyses each option and discovers several arguments for this lifestyle change. Is a really complete documentary because we have a chance to see most of the reasons that can lead someone to become a Vegan.

6. What the Health

This was one of the first documentaries I’ve saw on this subject and the one that really made me think about my food health. It was produced by the authors of “Cowspiracy”. This documentary explores the connection of diseases with consumption of animal products and the pharmaceutical industry. “What the health” leaves in the air quite pertinent questions about this vicious cycle millionaire – animal food – diseases – pharmaceutical industry. Worth to see, debate points that many of us would never even think about.

7. Meet your Meat

And finally, I bring you a short film with only 12 minutes, which talks about what we are really eating. It conveys a vision of the animal as a living being with feelings, pain, fear and how bad it is to human health. How it is treated when it is born, during its life and its death, all this to demonstrate to us the whole process of the meat until arriving at our plate.

“After seeing with your own eyes the cruel process of raising animals to become food, you will understand why millions of people decided to leave the meat off their plates. Forever.”

In a moving narration, actor and activist Alec Baldwin reveals the truth behind humanity’s cruellest invention – the industrial farm.

I leave you also this video that talks about the influence of Marketing on our daily food and the products we consume for selling us the idea that they are the healthiest. Available at:

If you see any of these documentaries leave here in the comments so I know if you enjoy it!

 Many thanks for being here!

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