How I Finally Trained Myself To Wake Up Early.

Getting up early is a subject that scares many of us. I had ran away from waking up early in the morning all my life. This brought me nothing more than stress and fucked up plans. I became a person who procrastinated and left everything for the last hour. This created my anxiety and. However, and still about New Year’s resolutions, I have been trying to get used to waking up early to do some extra work and to have some time for my stuff. To be honest, is working, I feel that the day is bigger and yes, 24 hours is enough! So to help you start this week this is me bringing to you some tips that will teach you how to be more productive!

1. Get to know your reasons

This habit can be very painful to get used to. And in order to develop it and maintain it, it is crucial to know why we want it in our lives. If we want to do it just because we will not have enough motivation to keep it for even a week. On the other hand, when we think about how great it would be to wake up early and do some work or even have an extra time for us in the morning, we start to recognise that we really need this habit in our life, then we are ready and willing to start this. In this way, it will be easier for you and it will not be painful.

2. Have a Plan

Take this time in the morning to start a new project, develop an idea, create something or even learn a new skill. And plan it all before going to bed, in this way you will wake up with motivation and it will be much easier to fight the morning sloth! This is an indispensable step for us to be motivated enough to put our ass out of bed early in the morning! I advise you to make simple and possible plans that you can actually do, otherwise you will be demotivated. One step at a time.

3. Go to bed Earlier

This tip is a cliché but it really is accurate in this process. The first night only go to sleep when you feel tired. You will probably fall asleep late and it will be a bit painful to wake up the next morning. However the next night your body will be tired and will fall asleep much easier, and consequently the next morning it will be easier to wake up. Do this until you have a habit of sleeping early and getting up early, it makes everything much better! It will only be painful the first time!

4.The Alarm Clock

I use to say that the Alarm Clock is that one friend who calls us to reality in a rude way, and that make us doubt about his true intentions with us. “Is he really my friend”? But the truth is that he is really our friend and helps us a lot. Have you ever imagined our life without an alarm clock and responsibilities? Yeah! The first step is to start looking at the alarm clock as a friend and not as an enemy. I advise you to set an alarm clock with a friendly and calm sound. Waking up with screams or extreme sounds is the first step to a bad day !! For those who have these problems with the alarm clock, I advise this app: Allarmy. This application is basically an alarm clock that does not stop playing until you do an exercise that it proposes! You will wake up in 2min! My other advice is to put the alarm clock away from the bed, forcing you to get up.

5.Glass of Water

“A glass of water Bárbara?” Well, I don’t mean the old tradition of throwing water into your face for you to wake up! But if these 10 tips do not work out with you, you can always try it! aha The tip that always results with me is, before going to bed, try to put a glass of water near the alarm clock, away from the bed. When you get up to turn off the alarm, drink the whole water. You will be more awake and it is always another glass of water that you drink!!

6. Take a shower in the morning

Having a quick shower in the morning has hunted me all my life. I was a very lazy person and I used to enjoy every minute to stay in bed. Fun Fact!!!! Believe it or not, when I had physical education, I used to sleep with the training clothes just to have more 10 minutes to stay in bed! In the morning, I just needed to wake up, wash my face and my teeth and leave the house!

So I always took a shower at night because I slept much better. However, since I wake up early, I realized that taking a quick shower in the morning gives me lots of energy and makes me feel totally awake! So if after all these steps you are still sleepy, probably with a quick shower you will not be anymore!

7. Take Breakfast

Throw the first stone who had never left the house without having breakfast! Well, doing this makes us feel with low energy, even if we do not notice it. So my tip number 7 goes to advise you to have a good breakfast in the morning. Those that are all beautiful and instagramers to encourage you and to make you feel completely awake! I usually make a fruit smoothie with toast.


Treat yourself every time you archive something new! Well, early waking will become a very enjoyable habit as soon as you start thinking about the good things you can have/see early in the morning. The ones that I enjoy the most are: getting to see the sunset, listening to music while I take my shower, enjoy the quiet of my house in the morning, take time for myself, work on projects that I like and the great feeling that I get over laziness. These are the treats that make me wake up early in the morning and that make me feel good about myself!


There is nothing better than collecting the fruits we plant! And waking up early are our seeds. The fruits we collect later, whether because our effort was noticed, our work was successful because we worked hard on it, or because we managed to create a new habit and we are ready to start another one or even because we feel better because we have fought laziness. The results are what keep us going and undoubtedly are very important to maintain this habit which, as you will see, it is not as painful as we thought. It’s even pleasurable!


And finally, we get to point number 10, which is one of the most important! Self-love! When we acquire this habit we feel confidence and control over ourselves that only those who feel know. We know that we are on the right track, we are giving the best of us, and we are being productive and taking advantage of the 24 hours that the day has to offer us. All this makes our self-esteem, self-esteem, inner peace and energy grow. We begin to get to know ourselves and to change things that we didn’t liked in our personality. This is the most important tip because we can really see and feel the difference in our mental health.

Studies prove that it takes us about 21 days to develop, create and maintain a habit. However, everything depends on our mind and our wishes. The mind has an IN CRE DI BLE power, we just have to know how to enjoy it! And more than that, how to educate it!

These were my honest 10 tips, that totally changed the lazy person I was! I hope they are useful to you in any kind of way! If you try them out tell me, I will be very happy to have your feedback!

If you have not seen yet my last post talking about how to be productive and how to enjoy extra time, I will leave it here the link: productive:

Thank you for being here!

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