The Truth Behind the Cheese

Everyone knows for a fact that cheese is fattening, but is this the biggest problem of this wolf in sheep’s clothing? Today I here to tell you all the secrets behind that beautiful little piece of cheese that can not be missed in our burgers.

Cheese is nothing less than litres of condensed rotten milk. To condense all this milk, the industry uses a coagulant which, in most brands, is made from an enzyme found in the pig’s stomach. Not all companies use this coagulant; however, since the CIP (Clean In Place, which is responsible for cleaning and food hygiene) does not require the type of coagulase they use, most of the industry uses the cheapest, which is an enzyme found in the pig’s stomach.

If we do not eat a banana when it is rotten why do we eat cheese?

According to the book “The Cheese Trap”, when we add 10 litres of milk to make cheese, the proteins come together. It would be something good right? A product rich in protein. But in the middle of these proteins, there is one that occupies the largest space, about 80%. Casein. When consumed, and digested by our digestive system, it forms Casomorphine. And now let’s look at this word.


In other words, this is a substance used in drug/narcotics. It is addictive, it makes people want more. Do you use to chose the burger you want to eat because of the cheese that it have? And who adds cheese in every food? Wishes for melted cheese, no? Well, all this love around cheese has a scientific reason.

In the video, available on youtube (, “The Science of Cheese Addiction” Mic shows a study that proves that cheese is one of the most addictive foods. The author also shows us that people don’t know when they are addicted to cheese because it is just an extra ingredient, it is not as common as pizza for example. To prove this, I leave you a quote from a phrase spoken by one of the participants in this study.

In the study case “More addictive foods”, as the title reports, the most addictive foods are studied. And, surprise surprise, the most addictive products are all animal-based diary which contains Casein.

And the last foods on the list are almost all plant-based, without casein.

Why do these foods have such addictive substances?

Milk contains these food substances so that the calf establishes strong bonds with the mother. So it continues to feed himself with mom milk until it is strong enough to eat other types of food. It is as simple as this, once again it is proven that all these foods are produced by the cows for their babies, not for the human being.

In the Portuguese book “Conselhos Sobre um regime alimentar ” produced 100 years ago, the Author talks about cheese. He says that not a gram of cheese should be introduced into our stomach. He also states that this is deleterious – ” destroys, corrupts, immoral “. I bring you this example to show you that 100 years ago, even with the low level of resources, it was already known that cheese is harmful.

Colin Campbell Ph.D., Thomas M. Campbell II and MD, tired of seeing humans destroy their lives, have launched the book “Study of China”. This books associated: cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, obesity and other diseases, with food animal-based (eg milk, cheese). To prove the impact they have on human life, they have alternately introduced and removed them from human food. In the course of the studies, the authors of this bestseller prove that dietary regimes where animal protein (casein) are included, the possibility of the chronic diseases mentioned above increase markedly.

Still, on the subject of the influence that food has on the human species, I recommend the documentary “Forks over Knives” where you can inform yourself a little more about this topic. They present true cases of people who were almost dying due to obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases and, with a plant-based diet, have improved their health.

Even with all this information available on the internet, books, conferences, workshops … the main concern of the population is still the fact that cheese is fattening. And yes, they MUST ALSO be concerned about this aspect. According to a study considered by Harvard, cheese is the most saturated food, with 8.5% fat. More than a pizza. Once again, the following are animal-based foods like daily deserts, chicken, sausage, bacon, among others.

Do you know the Gorgonzola cheese?

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This first image is so beautiful, it seems to be healthy, does not it? Do you know those green “things” in gorgonzola cheese? During the process, fungus is injected to give it a “special flavour”. These fungi are bacteria that can also be found in the scab and particles of human sweat. Well, I don’t think I need to say anything else right? Everything is worth it in the food industry.

Finally, I add that in one of my blog posts,  available at – I spoke about the whole process that the cow goes thought so the milk can be extracted. Keep in mind that the process is repeated so that the cheese production can continue. All that suffering is still there.

I just want to remind you that I am not a doctor or a scientist, this is all based on books, documentaries, videos and online data. I advise you to go and do research for yourself, so that you can see what’s going on with your own eyes. Be aware, be the change.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Monday. Monday, the perfect excuse to start something new! Don’t forget to give me some feedback, is important for me to see if you are enjoying this content.

Thank you for being here!

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