10 Apps Life Saving

Our cellphone can bring us many problems, but it also helps us in our day to day life. We keep personal information, important data, we guide us through it and anything we need we can access through the mobile phone. It is part of our organization, our routine. And today I bring you some apps that will help you at some levels: healthy habits, reading, music, fashion and even knowledge. I hope you enjoy the selection I made for you!

1.Plant Nanny

We all know that we should drink water during the day, but with so many things to do, we completely forget! The Plant Nanny application tells us how many litres of water/cups per day we should drink (taking into account our sex, weight and height). Send us reminders daily so we do not forget to drink water. If we do not, our plant dies of thirst. It’s a super creative and fun way to drink water! No one wants to let this super sweet plant die Ahah.


This application is one of my favs. I have been using it for years! Helps us to control the menstrual cycle. We can, daily, note how we feel so that it gives us more concrete information about our cycle. We also have access to medical articles and tips that teach us how to understand our body.

If you have your closet full of clothes that you don’t use anymore, this app is for you. In it, you can sell your clothes, shoes and accessories. You just need to take a pic and post it. You can also buy really good clothes in amazing conditions. So if you want to get rid of extra clothes give this app a try!


Full of amazing content, videos, images, news, articles, articles, this app can bring you information from all around the world. Famous articles, researches, continental or national information, taboo subjects. In other words you can read about what interests you the most. I learn lots of things in this app and is amazing to kill time.


Kindle is an app for those who love to read or want to start reading more but do not want to walk loaded with books. With a click, you can read any book you want, whenever you want. It is undoubtedly one of the best applications I have discovered lately! Fun fact: I just downloaded “Becoming Michelle Obama”.


I do not have this app installed on my phone because I have no problem waking up. However, if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning THIS APP IS FOR YOU. It’s easy enough to snooze on the alarm and continue sleeping but can you handle the challenges that this app has for you and still feel like going back to bed? This alarm only stops playing when you complete the tasks it has for you. The tasks can be to photograph a specific place in your house, solve a mathematical problem, shake the mobile phone, among with others! It’s a creative app that will keep you out of bed!


This application is perfect for people who forget easily the tasks they have to do. In a frame, as you can see in the image, this app put together all the tasks you need to do. So on a big page, you can see everything you have to finish. Simple, easy and organized!


FlyTunes is my favourite music app ever. It’s through this app that I listen to music every day! I don’t even remember to transfer songs to my phone! The gallery is segmented by styles of music (hip-hop, R&B, pop), recently released songs and even the songs with more views. Which helps a lot when we are looking for some music. We need internet just to add the songs in our Playlist and to get into the app, then we can listen offline.


How could I not talk about Shazam? One of the best-known apps around the world! Shazam helps us to identify songs through simple and short sounds. We just have to turn on the search and get close to the sound/rhythm that we’re listening to. In a matter of seconds, this app will tell us the name of the song and provides us with the link so that we can access the music. Simple, easy and useful!


You know when you have no idea about what to dress? “what should I wear with these trousers?” And then you stay sit on your bed thinking “I don’t have any clothes to wear”. I guess I have the answer for your problems! In this app, you just have to select the piece of clothing you want, in the colour you want and search. Next, you’ll be able to see photos of several people who have made a look with that piece. It’s easy to use and gives us lots of ideas for outfits in a matter of seconds!

These were the 10 apps that I had chosen for you to help you in your day to day life! Do you guys liked it? Give me your feedback, its fundamental for me to know if I should keep bringing these topics for you!

Thank you for being here!

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